Should Braces Be The Norm?

Are braces normal?

Should we need braces? Are traditional orthodontics the way to go?  

What if I told you that contrary to what you’ve been told, crooked teeth aren’t normal, braces aren’t normal, mouth breathing is definitely not normal, having wisdom teeth removed is not normal, snoring is not normal! 

All of these things have become common – but they aren’t normal!

Crooked and crowded teeth are often the product of oral motor dysfunction and thus an orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD). 

Our tongue should be resting on our palate any time we are not using our mouth to speak or eat. Our lips should also be closed and we should breathe through our nose. Our tongue is our natural palate expander and our lips are our natural braces. When these muscles are functioning optimally, we shouldn’t need braces. 

Traditional braces often involve pulling teeth when there is not enough space in the mouth, straightening the teeth and sometimes head gear that many argue pulls back on or retracts the jaw. (Remember, we want and need the jaw to grow forward in order to accommodate all of our teeth!) These practices often lead to a smaller and compromised airway.

What’s the alternative? 

Myofunctional Therapy and functional orthodontic or airway centric dentistry. The goal is to grow the palate and the jaw to accommodate all of the teeth and allow for a beautiful wide airway. This in turn helps to get a good night’s sleep.

If you have concerns, we suggest you begin with a comprehensive myofunctional evaluation to determine what the next steps should be. 

While seeing an airway centric dentist may be a key part of your journey in the future, it’s imperative that we identify why there is an imbalance in jaw and palate growth to begin with. Myofunctional therapy and expansion with an airway centric dentist or orthodontist often go hand in hand. They can grow the jaw when it’s needed and myofunctional therapy addresses the underlying cause. Once the muscles have been retrained and strengthened, they will aid to keep things in balance.

Need a myofunctional therapist? We are working on a comprehensive directory in order to provide you with a list of well trained therapists near you! 

Are you a professional looking to expand your practice by offering myofunctional therapy? Our comprehensive course, The Myo Method® will get you started confidently assessing and treating your first myo clients!