What Do Grinding Teeth, Clenching, and Snoring Have in Common?

They are NOT normal and may be indicators of a MUCH bigger issue at play. I can not tell you the number of times parents tell me their dentist has commented on their child’s habit of clenching and/or grinding their teeth and follows up the comment with “not a big deal, don’t worry about it.”

My first suggestion is to find a new provider who takes your concerns seriously.

Always mind blown by this mindset in health professionals surrounding issues that are as significant as snoring, clenching, and grinding are ignored by many professionals in the field. These things are symptoms of another underlying issue, which is why they always need to be assessed. 

Snoring, clenching, and/or grinding are indicators of sleep disordered breathing. This leads to poor sleep quality. Poor sleep quality can be linked to cognitive issues such as ADHD, poor school/test performance, and so much more. Other indicators that the airway may be compromised may include tossing and turning in sleep, mouth breathing, bedwetting, and night terrors.

If you have concerns your child is grinding/clenching their teeth or they are snoring, seek an evaluation with an airway centric dentist, and/or a Myofunctional therapist today! As always, if you are concerned, we are concerned!