The Myo Membership®

The Myo Membership®  has all the in-depth trainings, research reviews, collaboration and guest expert advice you need to grow your skill set and caseload as an orofacial myofunctional therapist to help more patients and their families! Each month, you will have unprecedented access to the 4 pillars that will take you from a struggling to succeeding myofunctional therapist.

Woman helping a child facing the mirror with orofacial myofunctional therapy

The 4 Pillars of The MYO


CEUs that M.A.T.ter

Led by me and other guest experts you will have exclusive access to “M.A.T.” (Myo, Airway, TOTs) CEU’s
These 2 Hour trainings with Q&A at the end will have ONE focused topic each month. And…they are CEU approved!

AND you can get watch and gain CEUs for some of the past trainings, too! 

Mastering Myo

Your online study club! A place where myofunctional therapists (SLPs, OTs, RDHs, & Dentists) can collaborate on REAL cases. Who is ready to network, collaborate and learn with a glass of wine from your couch? All while earning .1 ASHA and AOTA CEUs per month! Ooh Ooh!! Me Me Me!!!

AND now you can get CEUs for some past study clubs, too!

Know What You Don't Know

Done-For-You Research Reviews in the M.A.T. (Myo, Airway, TOTs) space. Research is not Hallie’s favorite to dissect so she is bringing you a team of Myo Moderators to create this content for YOU!

Niche down to up your income

Launch Your Myo Biz (in person OR online). Learn how Hallie launched her private practice to 6 figures in 8 months as a solo practitioner, then built a team, became certified in myo and more than doubled her income with this added niche! All while being private pay…did you know Marketing and Business is Hallie’s Love Language?

Get your free F.A.S.T. MYO Screening Packet!

A simple & science-backed way to screen your patients for potential orofacial myofunctional disorders.

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Hallie Bulkin, MA CCC-SLP, CMT®, COM, is a Wife, Mama, Business Owner & Mentor. She specializes in transforming SLPs, OTs, PTs, RDHs, and Dentists into pediatric feeding therapists and orofacial myofunctional therapists. Hallie also helps overworked medical professionals become six-figure online entrepreneurs by turning their passion into successful online businesses.

Before founding her own company, Hallie worked as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in schools and private practice. In 2014, she opened her private practice, focusing on collaborative holistic care in pediatric speech-language and sensory-oral motor feeding. She further specialized in orofacial myofunctional, airway, and tethered oral tissue issues.

Hallie mentors a team of exceptional SLPs and OTs while running her businesses and guiding private practice owners and online medical entrepreneurs. She launched the Untethered Podcast in 2019 to address gaps in pediatric feeding education, covering Myo, Airway, and TOTs.

Recognizing the need for knowledge in feeding and dysphagia therapy for pediatrics, Hallie created the unique Feed The Peds® course. She also developed The Myo Membership and The Myo Method & CMT® Certification for assessing and treating orofacial myofunctional disorders.

Hallie’s expertise extends to online business. In 2024, she launched Online Medical Entrepreneur, mentoring medical professionals to create successful 6-figure online courses. Due to demand, she’s also reviving her Real Biz Mastermind for Private Practice owners.

Beyond her work, Hallie gives back through charitable partnerships and scholarships. When not immersed in business, she enjoys family time, including adventures with her fur baby and planning Bulkin family vacations.

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